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If you’re using a conventional or synthetic blend tacky grease now, consider switching to our new line of Full Synthetic Tacky Greases for improved low-temperature pumpability and extended performance throughout the winter months.

Why Switch to a Full Synthetic Grease?

The main benefit of switching to a Full Synthetic Grease is that it’ll last longer in service. Full Synthetic Greases introduce additives that will improve antioxidant properties, so the grease will not oxidize as quickly as a conventional base oil grease or synthetic blend grease. This allows synthetic greases to be able to hold their natural performance properties longer, and will not break down as quickly. This also naturally improves all other attributes, including anti-rust and corrosion protection. Full Synthetics will also offer improved pumpability in lower temperatures.

KLONDIKE Syn Tac EP-00 Synthetic Grease

Primary Use

This grease was originally designed to provide lubrication for on-road and off-road truck and trailer wheel end bearings, in extreme cold temperatures. Specifically in a trailer, which doesn’t have any gears because of their design to be pulled, there is no system for oil to lubricate. Trailers need a grease that is adhesive-tacky enough to stay in place and lubricate the bearings. Excellent water resistance properties also allow this grease to hold and perform in wet and rainy road conditions.

The main reason we formulated our Syn Tac EP-00 Synthetic Grease was for the extra margin of protection it provides in unforeseen severe conditions a truck and trailer operator may encounter during the long, Canadian winter months. In extreme, low temperature conditions, having a working vehicle is critical, which is why the improved flow characteristics and extended performance capabilities of a full synthetic grease should be considered.

Secondary Uses

Other suitable uses for this grease include leaky or cracked gearboxes. Because of its NLGI 00 grade, this semi-fluid grease will perform similarly to a gearbox lubricant, but is thick enough to not drip out.

This grease also performs well at high speeds, because of its thin, low-friction texture, making it ideal as an industrial lubricant for CNC turning, milling, and boring machines.

And because of its smooth consistency in extreme cold climates, this grease will deliver smooth and reliable pumpability in automatic lubrication systems, where long lines and exposure to low temperatures can affect grease delivery.

KLONDIKE Syn Tac EP-1 Synthetic Grease

Primary Use

Primarily developed as a multi-purpose grease for heavy duty on-road and off-road truck service, KLONDIKE Syn Tac EP-1 Synthetic Grease can be used year-round, in all-weather conditions, across a broad temperature range (-40°C to 180°C). It is specially formulated to withstand extreme pressure in extended service drivetrain and chassis applications, including steering linkage, kingpins, fifth-wheels, shackle pins, and other pivot points operating in severe conditions.

Again, the main reason we formulated our Syn Tac EP-1 Synthetic Grease was for the extra margin of protection it will provide throughout the colder temperatures and extreme road conditions Canadian winters are known for. Especially because this grease is able to be used on multiple pivot points on the drivetrain and chassis on trucks and heavy duty machinery, the full synthetic formula will allow the grease to hold its natural performance properties longer, to protect your equipment when it’s most vulnerable.

This grease also has excellent stability at higher temperatures, with oxidation prohibitors allowing for extended equipment operation up to 180°C, so it can truly be used year-round.

Secondary Uses

Because of its high load carrying capacity, this grease is also an ideal bearing and chassis lubricant for heavy duty off-road equipment in agriculture, construction, logging, and mining industries, where maximum protection is needed.

High washout resistance additives allow the grease to stay in place in wet and dirty environments, making it ideal for rock crushers, sand and gravel screens, oil field and off shore drilling equipment, and marine deck equipment.

It’s also recommended for industrial plain bearings and anti-friction bearings, as well as motorcycle suspension components, linkage and bearings.

KLONDIKE Moly Tac Arctic Extreme Synthetic EP-0 Grease

Primary Use

Our Moly Tac Arctic Extreme Synthetic Grease is specially formulated to withstand extreme pressure in extended service applications subjected to extreme cold (as low as -45°C). Originally designed for heavy machinery in open pit mining equipment across Northern Canada, where maximum protection from extreme shock load, severe vibration, and sliding/rubbing action, is necessary throughout the cold winter months. This grease is ideal for heavy duty equipment in forestry, mining, agricultural, and construction industries, including dozers, loaders, scrapers, and shovels.

The purpose of the 5% solids content is to prevent pre-mature wear. When shock loading on equipment components occur, the lubricant is pushed away from the critical bearing point where the most pressure is being applied. The solid moly/graphite content remains in place, plated to the metal, to protect any metal-on-metal rubbing action until the lubricant comes back into the area when the pressure is released. The purpose of the NLGI 0 viscosity grade is to allow it to flow and pump at low temperatures, across a variety of automatic lubrication systems.

Secondary Uses

Because of its solids content providing excellent corrosion and wear protection, it’s also ideal for industrial mill machinery in demanding and high-stress shock load operations.

It also may be used on conveyors, roller chains, trunnions, open gears, cables, sheaves, and slides, as well as any heavily-loaded pins, shafts or other surfaces under high stress from severe vibration or sliding action.

For more information on our complete line of greases – including KLONDIKE nano Full Synthetic EP-1.5 Grease – please visit the KLONDIKE Grease Family product page.

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