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With over 530 Oils & Lubricants, the KLONDIKE product family is always evolving. We are extremely focused on ensuring premium quality and our team is always working to ensure that the KLONDIKE world-class certified family of durable lubricants gives you the uncompromised performance required for all your challenges.

Our Senior Technical Manager Russell Arnot will provide insights that you may not find in the Product Data Sheets or on the product labels. If you have clients wanting to know more about KLONDIKE send them to our website and YouTube channel. Let us know if there are products you would like highlighted or questions that Russell can answer for you!

KLONDIKE nano Calcium Sulfonate EP-2 Grease offers outstanding water washout resistance! Up to 4 times more resistance than a typical lithium complex grease.

Our nano Calcium Sulfonate EP-2 Grease offers outstanding extreme pressure properties, corrosion and oxidation protection, and stable performance in applications exposed to high levels of moisture. Proprietary IF-WS2 nanotechnology creates an unparalleled protective nanoparticle layer on load bearing surfaces for reduced friction, heat, and metallic wear while increasing operating efficiency.

Russell highlighted some of the important characteristics of our Enviro range during a visit to Frontline Machinery.

KLONDIKE ENVIRO AW Hydraulic Fluids are inherently biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. These fluids are a great opportunity for construction companies or other mixed fleets working in environmentally sensitive areas or service companies working on other property owners land looking for an economical biodegradable option.

KLONDIKE Full Synthetic Dual Clutch (DCT) Transmission Fluid is designed for passenger cars using dual clutch transmissions. The technically advanced synthetic chemistry is optimized for precise shift quality, anti-wear protection, and long service life. This is a truly universal DCT fluid ideal for global application.

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