In a time of exponential advancement, it is expected that standards will change even in stable industries. Auto manufacturers are now setting their sights on efficiency and fuel economy, while still pushing for powerful, high-performing engines. So, how can we ensure that we don’t sacrifice power for efficiency? How can we meet emission standards while still maintaining peak performance? The answer is in the new International Lubricant Specification Advisory Committee (ILSAC) GF-6 standard, which will be introduced in May of 2020.

What is GF-6 and why is it beneficial?

GF-6 is the newly introduced industry standard for ILSAC grade passenger car motor oils. The GF-6 oils will help increase fuel economy compared to the previous, GF-5 specifications. The update is a response to modern engine technologies.

ILSAC has always aimed to make its standards “evergreen,” which means they are backwards-compatible. When a new standard is activated, previous standards become obsolete because the new specifications cover both old and new engine technologies. That being said, the new 0W-16 viscosity grade has not been specified for some older engines, as most of them cannot operate with a low viscosity lubricant.

Because of this, ILSAC GF-6 will be separated into two categories, A and B. ILSAC GF-6A will be backwards compatible with previous ILSAC GF-5 specifications and carry the API “Starburst” Certification Mark, while ILSAC GF-6B will not be backwards compatible and will cover lower viscosity lubricants. GF-6B oils will wear a Certification Mark on their front label to differentiate them from GF-6A oils.

Why does the industry need a new ILSAC standard?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are aiming towards increased fuel economy and compliance with emission regulations. When there are large changes in the industry, there becomes a need for new ILSAC standards. As we move towards greener practices, lubricants become increasingly important if we are expecting to meet our emission goals.

What about API SN PLUS?

ILSAC standards and API service categories are separate entities that overlap. Automotive and oil industries must work together in order to create a new ILSAC standard. Once the standard is approved, API manages the licensing of the ILSAC starburst, a Registered Mark that classifies passenger car engine oils meeting the latest ILSAC standard.

API SN PLUS is a separate service category that API created in order to provide consumers with motor oils that reduce the occurrence of Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) in smaller, Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (TGDI) engines while the ILSAC GF-6 standard was still being developed. In accordance with the update, API will introduce a new API service category named, “SP.” API SP will be backwards-compatible to previous API service categories.

KLONDIKE’s Commitment to Innovation

KLONDIKE is a forward-thinking company. As with all technical industries, we must be constantly ready to redevelop, redefine, and renovate our practices in order to better serve the modern world. KLONDIKE is prepared for the new ILSAC GF-6 standards and we plan to bring our best products to the competitive market. You can expect the same high-performance, heavy-duty lubricants that have built our reputation from the start.

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