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KLONDIKE HD SYN DRIVE is approved by Allison Transmission Engineering Standard TES-668 for Automatic Transmission Fluids

KLONDIKE HD SYN DRIVE Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid gives your Allison Transmissions superb operating performance with extended drain intervals and improved anti-shudder durability.

Our HD SYN DRIVE Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid has been licensed and approved by Allison Transmission for TES 668®. Allison TES 668® is the newest specification for use in on-road Allison transmissions. This is great news for all KLONDIKE users and dealers as Allison Transmissions are used by virtually all major OEM brands.

KLONDIKE HD SYN DRIVE Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Allison Transmission is the global leader of fully automatic transmissions for medium and heavy-duty vehicles, including on-highway trucks and buses. KLONDIKE HD SYN DRIVE Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid has been officially approved and licensed by Allison for automatic transmissions requiring a TES 668® fluid. TES 668® builds on the proven 20-year record of TES 295® fluids by delivering the same impressive performance with a modern additive package. This next generation transmission fluid supersedes previous generation specifications and is recommended for use in Allison 1000 Series™, 2000 Series™, 3000 Series™, 4000 Series™ H 40/50 EP™ and eGen Flex™ Series transmission products.

Benefits of TES 668®

  • Extended drain intervals
  • Enhanced transmission performance
  • Superior anti-shudder durability compared to TES 295® fluids
  • Improved efficiency lowers operating expenses
  • Offers optimum transmission protection
  • Backed by an Allison Factory Warranty
  • Supported by the Allison Authorized Service Network
  • Fully backwards compatible for TES 295® (and other) applications

Allison continues to set the specification and performance standard for transmission fluids. KLONDIKE is proud to be approved after going through the comprehensive testing process to comply with the Allison Transmission product standards. Learn more about TES 668® by watching this video produced by Allison Transmission on their YouTube channel

Always consult the OEM’s manual for specific oil recommendations. KLONDIKE takes no responsibility for product misuse or misapplication.

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