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KLONDIKE Universal Tractor Fluid

KLONDIKE Senior Technical Manager Talks about UTF

How does your UTF compare to John Deere HY-GARD? What about Case HY-TRAN?”

As the KLONDIKE Senior Technical Manager, this question, and variations of it are the enquiries I receive most often from farmers and agricultural suppliers.

And it’s a great question because, unlike automotive and the trucking manufacturers around the world, agriculture equipment manufacturers don’t offer OEM certification for oils and lubricants that they don’t get packaged in their own brand.

But does that mean that the other products, like our UTF (Universal Tractor Fluid), aren’t the right fit for protecting their costly tractors and other machinery?

“It’s all about the specs (specifications),” is what I tell folks.

In the case of those farmers buying John Deere tractors, the company typically specifies either JD20C or JD20D. With Case tractors, users are often directed to use UTF meeting MS-1204, MS-1207 or several other Case specs. Massey Ferguson, same thing: M-1110, M-1127, etc. In almost all cases, newer specs take precedence over the older ones, with the new product specs being backwards compatible.

What these manufacturers don’t always pass along to their buyers is that there are a number of premium lubricants in the market that meets or exceed their specifications: KLONDIKE’s high-quality UTF being a stand-out example of one of these.

In the case of our UTF, it meets more than 80 specifications issued by more than 40 manufacturers of tractors and machinery from around the world. From Allison to Volvo and every major manufacturer in between, our UTF will do what you need: deliver smooth power transfer and reliable, consistent performance in modern heavy-duty equipment, even under extreme operating conditions.

Like all of our products, the UTF Product Data Sheet is your best source for verifying that our specially formulated UTF is the right protection for your equipment.

But, what do these seemingly random combinations of numbers and letters really mean to you and your equipment?

They mean that, for almost any tractor or piece of farm equipment sold in Canada over the last 25 years, KLONDIKE’s UTF will meet the specifications you need. Which means that our advanced fluid technology is compatible with your wet brake frictional components, resists thermal degradation and oxidation and allows you to maximize your fluid life and reduce oil changes along the way. All this, and it comes with the peace of mind of knowing our lubricants meets the needs of your equipment warranty as well as knowing that you’ve got the backing of our comprehensive KLONDIKE warranty.

As a Canadian-owned company, KLONDIKE has designed and field tested a line of premium advanced lubricants for the exact conditions you face as a Canadian farmer. We’re also a company that will provide you with any technical support you might need along the way.

So whether it’s peak harvest season, or winter maintenance time, if you’ve got a question about the performance or applicability of any of our entire range of KLONDIKE Agricultural Products, drop me a line at Russella@klondikelubricants.com and I’ll be happy to help you out.


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