Differentiation of Full Synthetic from Synthetic Blend Packaging

KLONDIKE’s oils and lubricants packaging is designed to be consistent across different products and package sizes as well as to make the product name and viscosity grade easily visible. From the very beginning, we also aimed to communicate the blend of the lubricant and the product family name in a clear and consistent way on the front of the label and box. However, based on feedback from customers, it looks like there is one thing that would benefit from some improvement and this is the differentiation between our full synthetic engine oils from our synthetic blend engine oils.


We’ve received feedback from customers that our branding is so consistent that for certain lubricants that are from the same product family, carried in the same viscosity grade and available in both full synthetic and synthetic blend, it might be difficult to instantly see the difference between the full synthetic and the synthetic blend variation without reading the front of the label. The limited lighting in some warehouses could make this challenge even more evident. The lubricants packaging that this refers to are mainly automotive engine oils, namely SAE 5W-20 and SAE 5W-30. The reason being these two viscosity grades are available in both blends – full synthetic and synthetic blend.

KLONDIKE Embraces Change

Realizing that making changes may lead to inconsistency in the whole brand look and feel, we’ve been careful as to what we revise and to what extent. Still, we must improve our packaging so it can correspond to our customers need for an easier way to differentiate full synthetic oil packaging.

Blend Affected by the Changes

  • Full synthetic oils and lubricants

Package Size Affected by the Changes

  • Quart, quart box, gear oil quart, gear oil quart box, jug, jug box, pail, EZE-BOX.

What Stays the Same?

The colors used to differentiate the three blends of KLONDIKE oils and lubricants are kept unchanged:

  • Conventional: orange
  • Synthetic blend: gold (yellow on boxes)
  • Full synthetic: platinum (white on boxes)

Changes in Packaging Design Elements of Full Synthetic Oils

A number of changes are being implemented in the packaging design elements of our full synthetic oils and lubricants as follows:

  • Quart, jug, pail – the vertical strip with product name/viscosity grade: changes from dark blue background and white letters to platinum background (to reinforce the full synthetic color) and dark blue letters.
  • Boxes – the vertical strip with product name/viscosity grade: changes from dark blue background and white letters to white background and dark blue letters.
  • Further to the ‘Full Synthetic’ statement in the horizontal platinum strip on the front of the label, we’re adding ‘FULL SYN’ in bigger font size above the product name/viscosity grade in the vertical strip – top right corner of the label.
  • Cap color for quart and jug of full synthetic oils: changes from black to platinum to reinforce the full synthetic color and make the full synthetic products stand out.

We’re keeping our conventional and synthetic blend oils packaging unchanged.

Extent of Packaging Changes

We’ve applied the changes not only to the automotive engine oils that were being confused – SAE 5W-20 SN/GF-5 dexos1® Synthetic Blend Engine Oil, SAE 5W-20 SN/GF-5 dexos1® Full Synthetic Engine Oil, SAE 5W-30 SN/GF-5 dexos1® Synthetic Blend Engine Oil, SAE 5W-30 SN/GF-5 dexos1® Full Synthetic Engine Oil – but to our whole line of full synthetic oils and lubricants. Because we want to ensure that the differentiation of any full synthetic oil or lubricant is seamless for our valued customers.

Timeline of KLONDIKE Lubricants Packaging Improvement

The roll out of the new full synthetic oils and lubricants packaging will be gradual with the first products hitting the market in April 2017.


Thank you to all our customers who have been such great partners with us! We value your feedback and suggestions so much! Please keep them coming!

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