Optimize performance in engines with 120,000 kms or greater!

KLONDIKE Synthetic Blend High Mileage Engine Oils are designed to help extend engine life and provide enhanced protection and performance in engines with 120,000 kms or greater. KLONDIKE’s new line includes 5W-20 & 5W-30 which will be available from our network of distributors in June 2021.

Why should You Use High Mileage Engine Oil?

Vehicles are becoming more reliable and staying on the road longer which means more protection is required for your engine as it starts to wear and age from normal use. Oil from your engine may eventually start to leak causing engine parts to wear out faster, and the engine may consume more oil. High Mileage engine oil addresses the problems experienced by high mileage vehicles with 120,000 Kms or greater. However, that figure is just a general guide and there are many cases where a vehicle could be switched over either before or after hitting the 120,000km mark.

If oil is leaking from your vehicle or you are having to refuel more often, it may be worth asking your local garage if making the switch would be beneficial. High Mileage Engine Oil will help reduce emissions, protect against engine wear, and minimize oil leaks. It has a wide application and can be used in newer vehicles, but the benefits are far greater in older vehicles where the issues it addresses start to appear.

What Makes it So Special

The additives that go into the High Mileage Engine Oil contain antioxidants and detergents that clean your engine to remove the unhealthy buildup of sludge and deposit formation. It will also rejuvenate cracked and eroded seals to reduce or even prevent oil leakage. High mileage oil is high viscosity, which means it is very thick which helps protect your engine seals for longer. Regular and synthetic oils have similar features, but not to the extent high mileage oils do.

KLONDIKE High Mileage Engine Oils

KLONDIKE Synthetic Blend High Mileage Engine Oils are arriving in June 2021 and will help extend your engine life while meeting the latest industry standards which are outlined in the Product Data Sheet on our website.

They provide value through the following benefits:

  • Extended engine life – reduced friction for excellent protection against engine wear.
  • High viscosity index – highly resistant to viscosity and thermal breakdown from extended high temperature operation.
  • Emission compliant – fights volatility burn-off to minimize engine deposits and exhaust emissions.
  • Wide application – modern additive technology protects new engines as well as older, high mileage engines.

Learn more at the below links and stay tuned to our social media channels for the official launch.

5W-20 API SP/GF-6A Synthetic Blend High Mileage

5W-30 API SP/GF-6A Synthetic Blend High Mileage

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