KLONDIKE XVI Hydraulic Fluid

High Viscosity Index Oils Can Improve Energy Efficiency

The Viscosity Index (VI) is a measure of an oil’s ability to maintain a consistent viscosity over a wide range of temperatures.  A high VI indicates that the oil’s viscosity changes less with temperature than a lower VI oil. A high VI oil is desirable in many applications because it can maintain its viscosity and provide effective lubrication even at high temperatures, reducing the risk of wear and damage to machinery. In contrast, low VI oils can become too thin at high temperatures, which can lead to increased friction and wear. The VI of an oil is determined by measuring its viscosity at two different temperatures, typically 40°C and 100°C. The VI is then calculated using a formula that takes into account the change in viscosity between these two temperatures.

Low VI lubricants experience a rapid decrease in viscosity as the temperature rises, while high VI oils experience very low levels of viscosity decrease as the temperature increases. This property makes high VI oils much more stable and therefore more desirable.

Most equipment manufacturers have specific viscosity requirements. These requirements often refer to a lubricant’s ISO Viscosity Grade. However, using the ISO grade alone provides an incomplete picture of a lubricating oil’s fluidity. The ISO grade describes an oil’s viscosity measurement at  40°C (104°F), but an oil’s viscosity can be impacted by a change in temperature. As a result, to truly determine a lubricating oil’s quality, you should consider its Viscosity Index (VI).

KLONDIKE XVI All Season Syn Blend Extreme Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluid

When it comes to selecting an industrial lubricant for a particular application, one of the key considerations is viscosity. Viscosity can influence lubricant life expectancy, equipment wear rate and energy consumption. High VI fluids like our KLONDIKE XVI All Season Syn Blend Extreme Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluid can be used year-round in all climates. Using a high VI fluid can deliver superior equipment protection across a greater operating temperature range when compared to conventional lubricants that typically have a lower VI.

KLONDIKE XVI All Season Hydraulic fluid has a very low pour point and low temperature fluidity ensuring outstanding low temperature equipment startup and is recommended for vane, piston, or gear-type hydraulic pumps in heavy duty, industrial machines, and mobile equipment.

Always consult the OEM’s manual for specific oil recommendations. KLONDIKE takes no responsibility for product misuse or misapplication.

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