How To Choose The Right Hydraulic Fluid For Your Equipment

Are you wondering which hydraulic fluid you should be using? Choosing the right anti-wear hydraulic fluid is crucial to ensure you get the best performance and protection for the system. KLONDIKE Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluids are designed to work in the most extreme conditions. Each fluid has its specific characteristics in terms of viscosity, suitable operating conditions, anti-wear properties, biodegradability, etc.

How to determine which hydraulic fluid to use for your equipment or system.

KLONDIKE has various grades of anti-wear hydraulic fluids, from our Advanced Formula range to ENVIRO and BIO. Each fluid grade will deliver value through different benefits outlined in the below charts.

Characteristics to Look for in Anti-Wear Hydraulic fluids


One factor that should determine the best choice of fluid to use is viscosity, otherwise known as the fluid’s weight. Viscosity is identified as the fluids ISO number. You want minimal viscosity change from your fluid across wide temperature ranges to deliver consistent and reliable performance.

Maximum and minimum operating temperatures, along with the system’s load, determine the fluid’s viscosity requirements. If the viscosity is too high, it will cause poor mechanical efficiency by increased friction during start-up and may lead to cavitation. The manufacturer of your equipment knows the viscosity requirements and is always the best one to consult with.


All hydraulic fluids must be able to retain optimum viscosity during operation in cold or hot temperatures, to consistently and effectively transmit power.


Premium anti-wear additives minimize metal to metal contact even in high pressure operation. These premium additives enhance lubricant performance and extend equipment life.

Oxidation and thermal stability

Extended high-temperature operation worsens the formation of fluid decomposition products. High oxidation stability minimizes these thermal problems and maximizes fluid life by reducing heat induced oil thickening and deposit formation in high pressure and temperatures.


Biodegradable lubricants are formulated using non-toxic chemistry with no heavy metals to contaminate water or soil, which will greatly reduce the immediate and long-term impact of the fluids on the environment in the event of an oil leak or spill. The KLONDIKE line of biodegradable lubricants are highly stable for smooth operational efficiency, and highly resistant to oxidation and deposit formation for long service life, while providing a high level of environmental conservation and protection.

The KLONDIKE Line of Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluids

A Premium fluid that provides excellent operating and maintenance benefits for increased productivity.

  • Anti-wear additives minimize wear even when heavy loads cause lubricant film breakdown
  • Prevent rust formation and minimize downtime
  • Excellent fluid stability and water separation characteristics

Provides excellent benefits across a broad temperature range for increased productivity, performance, and hydraulic pump protection.

  • High viscosity index – Minimal viscosity change across wide temperature range
  • Premium anti-wear additives minimize metal to metal contact even in high pressure operation
  • High oxidation stability maximizes fluid life for reduced oil changes and improved fluid economy


Formulated using high-performance additive technology.

  • High Anti-wear properties
  • Good oxidation stability — resistant to fluid oxidation and deposit formation
  • Achieves major manufacturers performance requirements for the protection of high- pressure vane and piston style pumps

KLONDIKE ENVIRO (Inherently Biodegradable) & BIO (Readily Biodegradable) Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluids are non-toxic, ashless oils designed for high performance hydraulic systems in mobile and stationary equipment.

  • Zinc-free
  • Low environmental impact
  • Excellent fluid stability and viscosity retention for smooth power transfer
  • Premium ashless anti-wear additives minimize metal to metal contact even in high pressure operation.

Protect your investment long term

You need to make sure you are purchasing top-quality, long lasting fluids like our range of Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluids. Always follow the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations on hydraulic fluids and discuss the application with a specialist at your local KLONDIKE dealer before switching to a different type of fluid.

For more technical information, please visit the KLONDIKE Hydraulic Fluids product page.

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