Synthetic Oil Change
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Why Do Synthetic Oils Perform Better Than Conventional?

Synthetic engine oil has gone through a chemically engineered process. Synthetic oil molecules are pure and uniform in structure with fewer impurities than conventional engine oil molecules.

Why is Full Synthetic Engine Oil Better?

The main difference is the molecules that comprise the base oil. Conventional engine oil is made from crude oil that’s been refined until it has the right properties for lubricating your engine and contains molecules of all different shapes, sizes, and structures. These impurities can increase friction and cause the oil to break down faster, reducing the performance of conventional oil.

Synthetic oil is artificially made to include molecules that are uniform in size and shape. This uniformity provides an oil that is stable which leads to an improved viscosity index and overall performance. This process allows the molecules to be tailored to meet the specific demands of modern engines. That’s why synthetic oils lubricate vehicle engines more smoothly and provide superior levels of performance and protection, resulting in longer oil change intervals when compared with conventional oils.

Synthetic Engine Oil Advantages Include:

  • Uniform molecular size means less friction
  • Additives boost wear protection
  • Superior low and high temperature performance allowing your engine to run smoothly year round
  • Cleaner oil with fewer impurities that helps resist the formation of sludge and deposits
  • Fuel efficiency


KLONDIKE Full Synthetic Engine Oils contain only the highest quality, ultra-pure synthetic base oils. Learn more about our range of automotive engine oils that are formulated under the newest technology and are certified under the latest ILSAC GF-6 and API SP specifications. This technology is also good for use in the prior ILSAC GF-5, GF-4, and previous specifications.

Always follow OEM recommendations for fluid viscosity and API service category. Information provided includes recommendations. KLONDIKE takes no responsibility for product misuse or misapplication.

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