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Not using the correct Antifreeze/Coolant can lead to serious issues for your engine. Antifreeze is a temperature control fluid that protects engines from overheating and putting pressure on the radiator and hoses. It also lowers the freezing point of water in the coolant with additives that prevent the cooling system from freezing in the harsh Canadian winter.

KLONDIKE’s Comprehensive Concentrate and 50/50 Ready to Use Antifreeze products have you covered for light and heavy-duty engines.

Conventional Versus OAT Technologies

One of the main differences between different types of antifreeze that must be understood is the difference between conventional, organic acid, and hybrid technology coolants. While colour may be the most apparent coolant characteristic, the chemical additives within the coolant, called inhibitors, are what provide the protection needed for the cooling system metals. Since these technologies have different maintenance requirements, a failure to understand the type of coolant technology in one’s cooling system could cause damage.

Conventional Technology

The original coolant technology called conventional or inorganic additive technology (IAT). This is your basic bright green coolant that is still poured into all older cars manufactured before the late-nineties.

This technology is popular with some users because it is familiar and cheap; however maintenance costs can be pricey in the long run, and if a rigorous maintenance schedule is not followed, engine damage can occur.

Organic Acid Technology (OAT)

Organic Acid Technology is the technology used as factory fill, in most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including light and heavy duty makes. This technology may cost more for the initial fill, but maintenance costs are dramatically reduced. Also, this technology is the best coolant for protecting the aluminum of modern engines. Heavy duty variants will contain nitrite and or molybdate for cavitation corrosion protection. However, many heavy-duty OEMs are moving to a nitrite-free version because the increased heat that the coolant has to withstand in modern heavy-duty engines can cause rapid consumption of nitrite.

Hybrid Technology

Hybrid technology is a mixture of conventional and organic acid technologies, to offer superior corrosion resistance for aluminum parts and rustproofing for iron components. NOAT, POAT, SOAT coolants are all examples of hybrids, respectively referring to nitrite organic acid technology, phosphate organic acid technology, and silicate organic acid technology. Some OEMs recommend the use of specific hybrids in their cooling systems while forbidding the use of others. This has led to the proliferation of many different hybrid types, each specifically designed for OEMs. When a coolant is needed to suit multiple OEMs, typically a full OAT coolant is recommended, as this satisfies the performance requirements of most OEMs.

  • Nitrite Organic Acid Technology (NOAT) – NOATs use organic acid technology and nitrites as inhibitors. They are suitable for heavy-duty and diesel engine applications.
  • Nitrite free OAT (NF OAT) – Nitrite free formulation which is also phosphate, silicate, borate, and amine free, designed for use in all engine types including heavy duty.

Find the Correct Antifreeze with KLONDIKE’s comprehensive Antifreeze line up

Green Universal is a low silicate coolant, designed for automotive engines. Also suitable for heavy-duty diesel engines when SCA’s are added.

Yellow Automotive OAT ELC is an advanced, extended life coolant designed for automotive and light duty truck engine applications requiring OAT based extended life coolant.

Red Heavy Duty NOAT ELC is an advanced, heavy duty, extended life coolant primarily designed for use in heavy duty diesel engines demanding extended life performance.

Gold All Engines NF OAT ELC is a highly advanced, nitrite free, extended life coolant designed for all heavy and light duty engine applications regardless of year, make, model, or original antifreeze colour.

Green Universal is a low silicate coolant, designed for automotive engines. Also suitable for heavy-duty diesel engines when SCA’s are added.

Prepare your vehicle for the Winter ahead with the correct Antifreeze

Antifreeze/Coolant is an essential for maintaining the temperature of your engine and it should be checked as you prepare your car for the winter. Qualified technicians can help you to check your fluid levels, fluid quality, caps, belts and hoses. For more information about the most appropriate KLONDIKE Antifreeze for your vehicle, check out the product data sheets and talk with your local KLONDIKE dealer.

Information provided includes recommendations. Always follow engine manufacturer’s antifreeze/coolant specifications. KLONDIKE cannot be held responsible for product misapplication.

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