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Give Your Diesel Engine the Love it Deserves – Proper Maintenance Will Extend Its Service Life

New technologies are coming to market for on and off-road heavy duty engines but they do not currently have the flexibility or reliability of diesel power. Diesel will continue to be the preferred option for the years ahead and a regular maintenance schedule will help extend the engines life.

Protect Your Diesel Engine with Proper Maintenance

Diesel engines are tough, economical, and reliable. They excel in extreme temperatures and terrain while providing the power to meet the demands placed on them. To keep performing after years of wear and tear they need the correct maintenance. A regular maintenance schedule will save you time and money in the long run by extending the service life of your equipment and improving its performance.

Maintenance Tips for Diesel Engines

Regular cleaning

Dirt, dust, grime, and other contaminants can build up over time which can seriously affect the performance of a diesel engine. Whether it’s the diesel injector, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), or radiator, everything needs periodical cleaning to keep things running at the optimal level.


Certified mechanics can run tests to ensure fuel efficiency and that the diesel engine is performing as it should. They can also clean out engines and carry out oil and filter changes.

Oil changes – Diesel engines should receive oil changes roughly every 8,000 kms but check your manufacturers recommended time interval or kms first. Changing heavy duty diesel engine oil regularly will minimise chances of engine failure.

Fuel filters – Fuel filters need replacing between 16,000 and 32,000 kms of use. Follow your manufacturers guidelines for the correct time interval and kms. Take care to replace all fuel filters at once for better system efficiency.

Oil filters – Should be changed regularly as they help remove harmful dirt and metal fragments from the diesel engine oil which can cause additional engine damage.

Air filters – Clogged air filters affect heavy duty engine performance. Regularly inspect air filters especially before and after winter.

Getting ready for winter

  • Winter is particularly hard on vehicle batteries. Check your battery terminals and tighten all connections before cold weather sets in.
  • Use annual servicing to check antifreeze/coolant levels and top up as needed. Not using the correct Antifreeze/Coolant can also lead to serious issues for your engine. Antifreeze is a temperature control fluid that protects engines from overheating and putting pressure on the radiator and hoses.
  • Winter puts extra pressure on belts and hoses. Look for damaged, cracked or leaking cooling-system parts, such as in the radiator, hoses or hose clamps.

Quality replacement parts

Buying cheap parts can impact the life of a diesel engine. Ensure parts go with the make and model of the engine. Poor quality parts will speed up the wear and tear on the engine.

KLONDIKE Heavy Duty Product Range

KLONDIKE has a range of products for your heavy duty diesel engine. From engine oils, gear lubricants and our recently released line of antifreeze. Contact us to find out where your local KLONDIKE dealer is located. Information provided includes recommendations. Always follow guidance from trained mechanics and the engine manufacturer’s specifications.

Heavy Duty Maintenance


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