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Compact EZE-KEG Packs a Punch in Convenience and Flexibility

Four square feet. About the size of a typical pizza box opened up on the ground.

That’s all the space you’ll need in your garage or shop to take advantage of the convenience and flexibility of EZE-KEG, one of KLONDIKE’S newest lubricant storage solutions.

Small and deceptively convenient

Convenience is one of those things we tend to ignore until something comes along and changes our way of thinking. The shift from manual to automatic transmissions. The changeover from fliphones to smartphones.

Once we’ve made the leap, it’s hard to imagine going back. It’s how you’ll feel once you’ve used the EZE-KEG rack system to hold up to three of the 10 EZE-KEG product types currently available in these handy 52L containers.

What does convenience look like during a busy work day? Quicker, easier oil changes. Fewer plastic oil bottles to open and recycle. More flexibility in your inventory of high-volume products. Not to mention savings on product costs and EHC fees that go straight to your bottom line.

Add that to the fact that each EZE-KEG package is lighter and cheaper than other typical mini-bulk products and keeps the various lubricants – from heavy duty and automotive engine oils to transmission and hydraulic fluids – free from contamination and you’ve got an approach that’s worth trying.

Quick and easy refilling takes off

Not only does the EZE-KEG system save customers time and money, it also translates into less frustration and ease of use by your operations staff. The easy-to-pour valve and a convenient handle, makes swapping out an EZE-KEG before or after an oil change quick and easy.

It’s also why we’ve made some recent changes to the system based on customer feedback, making EZE-KEG the fastest-growing multi-product system offered by KLONDIKE giving the service professionals the ability to mix and match products using a handy low-maintenance inventory optimization approach.

Ask your nearest distributor for more details on the products available in EZE-KEG, or go to https://klondikelubricants.com/about-klondike/EZE-KEG/

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