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Ten Minutes of Winterization Research Could Save Downtime and Thousands in Repairs

As the days get shorter across Canada, signalling fall and winter are on their way, heavy equipment operators across the country are preparing to winterize their heavy equipment and machinery as the mercury starts to plunge.

Top-quality grease pays off now, and down the road

Before switching your heavy equipment to your “usual” winter grease, take a moment to ask yourself: “When was the last time I took a minute to make sure I’m doing the best I can to keep my equipment running long-term?”

Top-quality grease is key to your downtime and overhead costs: the longer your grease lasts, the longer your heavy equipment lasts. This simple formula makes it worth your while to do 10 minutes of research into our wide range of KLONDIKE greases to find out how we can offer your equipment more protection and a longer lifespan.

Greases designed to fit all applications

KLONDIKE greases start with the finest base oils, before we add in a custom-designed range of additives that provide outstanding tackiness, lubrication and protection. Each unique formulation guards against oxidation and wear, even in extreme pressure and high-temperature applications.

We’re spotlighting just a few of our more specialized greases that fare well in the winter months including:

  • KLONDIKE nano Full Synthetic EP-1.5 – this unique combination of our fully synthetic oil and the leading-edge nanotechnology offers the pinnacle of performance for commercial lubricants. This adaptable grease delivers protection in a wide variety of situations including high and ultra-low temperatures, high pressure and high vacuum, high load, high rotating speed, high radiation and corrosive environments. The key to its success? As the microscopic particles move between the metal parts, they lay down a protective layer, bonding to the metal parts in the areas of most extreme pressure to reduce friction and energy consumption while ensuring maximum EP protection and an extremely low wear rate. Find out how the patented multi-layered, spherical, closed caged particles of tungsten disulfide show unequalled resistance to extreme temperatures, heavy shock loading and extreme pressure, helping reduce downtime by up to 45%.

  • KLONDIKE Ultra Tac Synthetic Blend Greases – the best grease starts with the best base oils. Which is why our Ultra Tac Synthetic Blend greases use our finest synthetic components as a premium beginning. As a result, they’re able to thrive and perform with confidence in extreme temperatures and the widely varied climatic conditions that your on- or off-road vehicle or heavy equipment operate in. Get the full protection our Ultra Tac EP-1 Synthetic Blend offers or, if you’re operating in extreme winter conditions, use our Ultra Tac EP-0 Synthetic Blend for our northern Canadian environment.

  • KLONDIKE Moly Tac Arctic Extreme Synthetic – the temperature-defying character of this grease and the addition of molybdenum disulfide (aka Moly) make it a natural fit for high load, low speed applications, including open gear activities such as crushing or milling operations. With the Moly particles filling in tiny imperfections in the equipment surfaces, this cold weather grease thrives in the harshest conditions of northern Canada – including at -45C – with the NLGI 0 viscosity grade allowing it to flow and pump at low temperatures, across a variety of automatic lubrication systems.

  • KLONDIKE Syn Tac EP-00 Synthetic Grease – this 100% synthetic grease is perfect for the winter months, providing improved pumpability at low temperatures and extended performance throughout the winter. We’ve designed our additives to increase the grease’s antioxidant properties, enabling it to last longer and avoid breaking down quickly. This also increases anti-rust and corrosion protection, key factors in reducing equipment downtime.

For more information about the most appropriate KLONDIKE grease for your industry or application, check out the Grease section of our web site.

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