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Why does your vehicle need oil changes?

Regularly changing the engine oil in your vehicle will help keep your engine healthy by providing the lubrication necessary for your engine to operate efficiently. It also helps with cooling engine components and removes engine wear particles and sludge.

To work out the capacity of your engine start by looking at your vehicle manual or use the KLONDIKE LUBE-LINK search tool. LUBE-LINK will recommend the right oil for your vehicle and will also tell you the engine oil capacity. More on this later.

Why should you get regular oil changes?

Oil changes are an essential part of vehicle maintenance. Over time your oil will break down and become contaminated with dirt and debris from the engine. When this happens, oil can’t do its job effectively.

Benefits of regular oil changes

  • Improves mileage – As engines run smoothly with fresh oil, their efficiency improves and so does the ability to utilize fuel more efficiently.
  • Cools engine components – Engine components create a lot of heat as they move at high speeds. Maintaining clean and sufficient amounts of oil helps prevent too much friction and over-heating of the engine.
  • Protects engine and increases engine life – Over time, oil can oxidize and form corrosion which can decrease the life of an engine. A cleaner engine runs more smoothly, works efficiently and generally has a longer life too. Regular oil changes help protect your vehicle’s engine from extra wear-and-tear, internal deposits, and sludge build-up.

Routine maintenance helps your vehicle last longer. Buildup from dirty oil robs a vehicle’s fuel economy and makes internal components work harder. An engine that works too hard will have more problems resulting in a shorter life span.

What engine oil do you need?

This is where the KLONDIKE LUBE-LINK database is a great tool. This unique online tool references an extensive OEM database and connects the right KLONDIKE product for the vehicle or equipment being searched. Along with telling you the recommended oil for your vehicle it will also tell you the engine capacity. For example, if we search the 2020 Mazda CX-5 it recommends KLONDIKE SAE 0W-20 SP/GF-6 dexos1® Full Synthetic Engine Oil and identifies the capacity is 4.5 L.

LUBE-LINK Search Tool

KLONDIKE has an extensive range of automotive engine oils

Engine oil is a vital part of your engine’s longevity and performance. Learn more about our range of automotive engine oils that are formulated under the newest technology and are certified under the latest ILSAC GF-6 and API SP specifications. This technology is also good for use in the prior ILSAC GF-5, GF-4, and previous specifications.

Always follow OEM recommendations for fluid viscosity and API service category. KLONDIKE takes no responsibility for product misuse or misapplication.



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