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Our nano family of greases has grown with the introduction of nano Calcium Sulfonate EP-2 Grease

Our goal has always been to enhance and grow our nano family of greases to provide new and innovative products to address the future needs of our customers. The nanometric IF-WS₂ material in our nano products represents a technical breakthrough in grease design and enhances the performance of these products into an area previously unseen in industrial greases.

Why use nanotechnology in high performance lubricants?

Nanotechnology has emerged as a technically advanced additive to upgrade conventional greases. This proprietary technology is used as an anti-wear, anti-friction, and extreme pressure additive. This translates into longer equipment life, improved fuel economy and extended maintenance intervals.

Proprietary nanotechnology is presented into a commercial lubricant in the form of closed caged particles of tungsten disulfide. Tungsten disulphide (WS₂) nanotechnology is the world’s first commercial lubricant additive that uses multi-layered fullerene shaped nanospheres and nanotubes from inorganic compounds to reduce friction and wear when exposed to high load levels.

Our customers have reported extended machinery life due to the greatly reduced wear rate on their machinery.  This is possible because as the nanometric particles move between the metal parts, they exfoliate, laying down a protective layer, bonding to the metal parts in the areas of most extreme pressure. Friction and energy consumption is reduced while ensuring maximum EP protection and an extremely low wear rate.

Watch the below video to learn more about the nanotechnology used in our greases https://klondikelubricants.com/nanovideo/

KLONDIKE Nano Calcium Sulfonate EP-2 Grease

nano Calcium Sulfonate EP-2 Grease has a less than 1% loss on the water spray off test. It Can handle 800kg on the 4-Ball Weld Load test and has an optimum performance temperature range of -30 to 200 Celsius.

Ideally suited to heavily loaded trucking, mining, agriculture, construction, and industrial equipment; this advanced formulation has proven to outperform traditional lithium and lithium complex greases due to its incorporation of calcium sulfonate and proprietary nanotechnology.

What are the benefits of Calcium Sulfonate?

Calcium sulfonate greases show superior mechanical and shear stability compared to lithium complex greases, indicating less leakage and run out during operation. The dropping point and high-temperature life of calcium sulfonate greases are also superior allowing them to be used at higher temperatures for longer periods of time.

Calcium sulfonate thickeners have inherent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties. Sulfonates are also known to be natural rust inhibitors, whereas lithium complex greases need rust-inhibiting additives.

Calcium sulfonate provides outstanding water resistance properties and does not break down in the presence of water. Lithium complex greases usually require tackifiers to improve their water resistance properties.  A calcium-sulfonate grease can also be applied in more types of industries compared to lithium complex greases, making it the preferred choice for a high performance multi purpose grease.

Try Nano Calcium Sulfonate EP-2 Grease

Our Nano Calcium Sulfonate EP-2 Grease is truly a solution for your extreme pressure grease application! It is formulated for use in technical and demanding applications. Read through the product data sheet to see for yourself how well it performs and understand how it can work for you.

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