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The Fluids that Keep your Car Running

Your vehicle needs various fluids to stay healthy. If these fluids aren’t regularly inspected and changed, your vehicle will work harder. An engine that works too hard is not efficient and will have more problems resulting in a shorter life span.

Engine Oil

Engine oil not only provides the lubrication that allows the mechanical bits inside your car’s engine to move freely, but it also helps with heat dissipation and cleaning. Oil changes at recommended intervals will provide longer engine life and fewer mechanical breakdowns.

Learn more about our range of automotive engine oils that are formulated under the newest technology and are certified under the latest ILSAC GF-6 and API SP specifications. This technology is also good for use in the prior ILSAC GF-5, GF-4, and previous specifications.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid lubricates and cools the transmission. The fluid also cleans and protects the metal surfaces within the transmission from wear. The fluid also conditions the gaskets and seals to keep them working well. If you have an automatic transmission, transmission fluid also helps provide hydraulic pressure, which helps the transmission change gears.

Use our LUBE-LINK tool to find the right transmission fluid for your vehicle and ensure you purchase top-quality fluids.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid lubricates your car’s power steering system, providing smooth operation. If you are low on power steering fluid, your car’s steering wheel will have a tendency to judder and shift and will be hard to operate.

KLONDIKE Power Steering Fluid is formulated for many foreign and domestic vehicles.


Not using the correct Antifreeze/Coolant can lead to serious issues for your engine. Antifreeze is a temperature control fluid that protects engines from overheating and putting pressure on the radiator and hoses. It also lowers the freezing point of water in the coolant with additives that prevent the cooling system from freezing in the harsh Canadian winter.

KLONDIKE’s Comprehensive Concentrate and 50/50 Ready to Use Antifreeze products have you covered for light and heavy-duty engines.

Brake Fluid

It is necessary to drain and replace brake fluid periodically because it absorbs moisture from the air and degrades over time. Changing brake fluid at recommended intervals will allow the brake system to operate safely and efficiently. Brake fluid changes are typically done every one or two years, you should follow OEM recommendations.

Use our LUBE-LINK tool to find the right brake fluid for your vehicle and ensure you purchase top-quality fluid like our DOT 5.1 Universal Synthetic Brake FluidDOT 4 High Performance Synthetic Brake Fluid and DOT 3 Synthetic Brake Fluid.

Check these fluids and keep your vehicle going!

You can’t take care of all your automotive maintenance tasks on your own. It is also recommended that any vehicle servicing be done by a qualified automotive technician. Use our LUBE-LINK tool to find the right fluids for your vehicle and ensure you purchase top-quality fluids. Always follow OEM recommendations.



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