Improve Fleet Performance with KLONDIKE Heavy Duty Oils
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Improve Fleet Performance with KLONDIKE Heavy Duty Oils

Choosing the right heavy duty engine oil can assist fleet performance and the demands faced by fleet managers to increase efficiency. With new formulations in the market, fleets need to learn about oil technology to determine which oil works best for their trucks while maximizing performance.

KLONDIKE heavy duty motor oils strike a balance between durability, emission control, and optimized drain intervals to improved outcomes for your fleet and reduce the amount of oil changes you need per year, which can help increase productivity on the shop floor and give your fleet less downtime.

What to Look for When Selecting Heavy Duty Engine Oil

Follow the recommendation of your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

An OEM approved oil is one that meets the specifications of the manufacturer. Is suits the engines requirements and has been extensively tested. Oils are also formulated to meet industry performance standards such as ACEA or API. Proof of these certifications alongside an OEM approval is crucial.

Consider the benefits of synthetic vs conventional oils

Conventional oils may meet OEM specs but may limit the ability to extend drain intervals when compared with synthetic oils. Synthetic blends or full synthetic oils perform best at extremely high and exceptionally low temperatures. Synthetics will ease starting and reduce wear at starting because they offer superior cold flow characteristics. Synthetic oils also have better oxidation protection and offer superior resistance to thermal breakdown at higher temperatures.

Consider the climatic conditions under which your trucks operate when selecting engine oil viscosity.

The appropriate viscosity to be used on a fleet depends on lowest start-up temperature and highest ambient temperature experienced. All engine manufacturers provide specifications and viscosity grade recommendations based on expected ambient temperature ranges. Higher viscosity oils provide superior engine protection by coating the parts more precisely and providing better lubrication. In colder weather, heavy oils become even thicker and less efficient. Engine oils with low viscosity work best in low temperature conditions and provide enhanced fuel efficiency.

KLONDIKE Heavy Duty Product Range

Selecting the wrong lubricant can have a considerable impact on the rate of engine wear, performance, and efficiency of your fleet. KLONDIKE has a range of products for your fleet. From engine oils, transmission fluids, gear lubricants and our recently released line of antifreeze. Contact us to find out where your local KLONDIKE dealer is located. Information provided includes recommendations. Always follow guidance from trained mechanics and the engine manufacturer’s specifications.

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