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New Products are Here to Start 2021

At KLONDIKE we never stop coming up with ways to support our distributors. They inspire us to keep growing, innovating, and improving. Together we are building success and braving the force of movement.

We are seeing in the new year with a range of new products that will be available to purchase from your local distributor during 2021. KLONDIKE continues to innovate while also working and listening to our network of distributors to understand what our end users are looking for. By keeping on the cutting edge of the industry, KLONDIKE users know that they are always getting the best.

Download the PDF to check out the latest KLONDIKE products

We are especially excited about the launch of the following 5 products which are now available to order.

KLONDIKE DOT 5.1 Universal Synthetic Brake Fluid is designed for global use. It supersedes all glycol-based brake fluid specs including DOT 3, 4, 4LV, 5.1, 5.1LV and EHV.  It meets all brake fluid specifications on the market in one fluid and will reduce inventory and preparation time for end users.

This fluid has very wide applicability and can be used with confidence in any brake system where the use of glycol ether fluid is specified. This includes the latest generation full electric and electric hybrid vehicles where low conductivity is essential, as well as high performance European vehicles. https://klondikelubricants.com/products/dot-5-1-universal-synthetic-brake-fluid/

KLONDIKE DOT 3 Synthetic Brake Fluid is designed to deliver exceptional system protection and consistent performance characteristics. High typical wet boiling point (ERBP) of 151°C ensures the fluid is highly resistant to brake fade and performance loss – even under hard braking conditions. This fluid has wide system applicability and promotes long braking system life. https://klondikelubricants.com/products/dot-3-synthetic-brake-fluid/

KLONDIKE Full Synthetic Dual Clutch (DCT) Transmission Fluid is designed for passenger cars using dual clutch transmissions. The technically advanced synthetic chemistry is optimized for precise shift quality, anti-wear protection, and long service life. This is a truly universal DCT fluid ideal for global application.

Distributors can get their pre-orders in now. Learn more about our DCT here https://klondikelubricants.com/products/dual-clutch-full-synthetic/

KLONDIKE SAE 75W-80 GL-4 Synchromesh Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid is a high-performance synthetic lubricant designed for smooth shift performance and the protection of synchronizers and other yellow metal components found in manual transmissions, transaxles, and gearboxes.

It meets OEM specifications and the performance requirements of API GL-4. Specially engineered to exceed the demands of cars and light trucks and will ensure smooth, precise shifting and advanced anti-wear protection for extended transmission performance and long service life.

Learn more about our synchromesh here https://klondikelubricants.com/products/75w-80-synchromesh-manual-full-synthetic/

KLONDIKE Power Steering Fluid is used in the protection of power steering systems in cars, trucks, and heavy equipment using a fluid of this type. It is specially formulated for many foreign and domestic vehicles.

Learn more about our Power Steering Fluid here https://klondikelubricants.com/products/power-steering-fluid/

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