KLONDIKE EZE-KEG is a new 52L keg which allows for cost savings from EHC fees. Lighter than the other keg products, it is also easier to move around.

With an easy-to-pour valve and a convenient handle, EZE-KEG makes an oil change fast and efficient.

Benefits of EZE-KEG

Effective, maneuverable and space-saving design
When used with EZE-KEG rack, you can store and use 3 EZE-KEGS taking only 27 ¾” x 19 ½” floor space.

Zero product contamination
The EZE-KEG valve allows for adjustable and easy oil flow as well as for virtually all oil to dispense without letting any contaminants such as airborne dust and moisture to come in contact with the fluid.

Efficient and inventory-optimizing size
EZE-KEG makes an oil change faster and easier when compared to traditional quart bottles, thus saving valuable time for you and your customers.

Why Choose EZE-KEG?

  1. Purchase less
    No need to purchase huge quantities of bulk oil anymore. Simply replace bulk oil with EZE-KEG!
  2. Increase product selection
    Due to its effective, maneuverable and space-saving design, EZE-KEG allows you to increase the number of different lubricants you stock to meet and exceed the ever-growing customer needs.
  3. Optimize inventory
    By purchasing less while increasing your product variety, EZE-KEG minimizes your cash outlay into slow-moving inventory.

EZE-KEG Products to Suit All Your Lubricant Needs


Hydraulic Fluid

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