On-Road Heavy Duty

KLONDIKE heavy duty engine oils are formulated to protect your investment in your equipment and maximize the life of your engine. Our motor oils for on-road heavy duty applications provide premium performance in extreme temperatures, heavy-load requirements, and challenging terrain. KLONDIKE heavy duty engine oils are specially engineered with Million Mile Technology for extended service intervals. This premium technology provides optimum performance in even the most difficult operating conditions. KLONDIKE heavy duty motor oils assist in maximizing fuel efficiency and extending engine life, they also work to disperse soot and reduce sludge in order to optimize engine performance. Our oils and lubricants are designed to meet the difficult challenge of effectively balancing durability, extended drain intervals, and emission control.

The KLONDIKE range of heavy duty motor oils is specifically formulated and certified for use in on-road equipment with engines designed by almost every OEM which are found in semi-trucks, tandems, tri-axles, tanker trucks, dump trucks, cab-overs, transport trucks, concrete trucks, crane trucks, garbage trucks, car carriers, tow trucks, fire trucks and other on-road heavy duty applications.

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