Whether it’s heavy duty, industrial, or automotive, KLONDIKE has you covered. We provide a comprehensive range of packaged and bulk oils, lubricants, greases and chemicals ready to be shipped to you from our strategically located distribution facilities throughout Canada and the USA. Our vast blending and custom formulation capabilities enable us to fulfill your industry’s most challenging requirements.

Our oils, greases and fluids are subject to strict testing requirements and quality assurance processes. In addition to our in-depth internal technical process, our products are tested in a variety of world-class technical institutions to meet and exceed top performance requirements in any given industry. The KLONDIKE Quality Assurance Guarantee underpins the standard of excellence in our product formulations.

The KLONDIKE lubricating oils and greases are formulated from the finest mineral and synthetic base oils with highly advanced additive technology. This ensures high performance, maximum efficiency, and total equipment protection.

KLONDIKE is a registered international member of the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Lubricating Standardization & Approval Committee (ILSAC). These trademark certifications are clearly stated on our applicable products, ensuring that they meet and exceed all warranty requirements of international engine manufactures that subscribe to these stringent global testing institutions.

  • nano

    Reduce downtime by 45% with KLONDIKE nano

    10W-30 CJ-4

    KLONDIKE nano is the first and the only full synthetic nano grease in Canada. Incorporating proprietary nanotechnology into a highly stable, PAO synthetic grease produces a state-of-the-art lubricant offering extreme temperature performance, maximum resistance to oxidation and metal wear, and ultimately supports 45% reduction in equipment and component downtime.

    Product Performance

    KLONDIKE nano Full Synthetic EP-1.5 Grease brings a unique, technically advanced grease offering to the industrial and heavy equipment market. Proprietary nanotechnology is presented into a commercial lubricant in the form of multi-layered, spherical, closed caged particles of tungsten disulfide. This scientifically advanced formulation produces a grease of unparalleled performance and offers unique benefits and advantages.

    The significant reduction in internal component wear – a low coefficient of friction and very low wear scar diameter measurement influences reduced wear on sliding, rolling, spinning components – leads to:

    • Extended maintenance intervals – average wear component can be expected to last up to twice as long. This leads to safely extending scheduled maintenance intervals on parts and components lubricated with nano grease.
    • Reduction in equipment downtime – less scheduled maintenance reduces overall equipment downtime. Less downtime means more hours of productivity for more efficient use of resources.
    • Extended machinery life – greatly reduced wear rate leads to extended machinery life and overall lower cost of ownership.
    • Reduction in energy consumption – low frictional resistance between lubricated parts can help reduce overall energy consumption.
    • Improvement in equipment output – efficient machine operation with reduced friction proves overall machine output (horsepower and useable torque).

    How nano Works

    “Nano” means one-billionth or 10-9, respectively one nanometer is one-billionth of a metre. Nano-sized super-strong particles of inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disulfide are the basis for the proprietary nanotechnology used in KLONDIKE nano grease.

    As metal parts lubricated with KLONDIKE nano grease move together, the layers of tungsten disulfide particles exfoliate, laying down a protective layer and bonding to the metal parts in the areas of most extreme pressure. These features ensure maximum EP protection, extremely low wear rate, friction reduction, and reduced energy consumption.

    The unique spherical tungsten disulfide nanoparticles show outstanding resistance to extreme temperatures (-270°C to 450°C), heavy shock loading (5,076,000 PSI) and extreme pressure (4,263,000 PSI). This versatile formulation operates under even the most extreme operating conditions, including high- and ultra-low temperatures, high pressure and high vacuum, high load, high rotating speed, high radiation and in corrosive environments.

    Please contact us for more information.

  • Heavy Duty Engine Oils

    KLONDIKE heavy duty engine oils are formulated to assist in maximizing engine life and minimizing wear. While providing a protective film, heavy duty motor oils must work to disperse soot and reduce sludge in order to optimize engine performance.
    Our advanced processes and technologies enable KLONDIKE heavy duty motor oils to strike a balance between durability, emission control, and optimized drain intervals and improved outcomes for your equipment. Specially engineered with Million Mile Technology, they meet the needs of heavy duty diesel and gasoline engines operating under all service conditions.
    The exclusive KLONDIKE Arctic Performance Technology ensures improved reliability in extreme climatic conditions.

  • Automotive Engine Oils

    KLONDIKE premium quality automotive engine oils are formulated for optimum efficiency and are designed for use in modern, highly fuel efficient engines that are subject to increasing levels of stress such as stop-and-go city driving, frequent short trips, extreme high and low operating temperatures, extended idling and towing.
    KLONDIKE synthetic blend and full synthetic motor oils for passenger cars offer superior oxidation stability, extra protection against heavy load conditions, additional high temperature protection, and better cold weather properties than conventional motor oils. Additionally, KLONDIKE premium quality automotive engine oils are formulated under the newest technology and are certified under the latest ILSAC GF-6 and API SP specifications. This technology is also good for use in the prior ILSAC GF-5, GF-4, and previous specifications.

  • Gear Lubricants

    Tough operating conditions are no match for KLONDIKE gear oils. They are specially formulated for maximum protection, durability, and efficiency no matter what climate or conditions are prevalent. Only the finest technology available is used in manufacturing our premium synthetic gear lubricants.
    KLONDIKE robust formulations are designed for gears and differentials that place rigorous demands on fluid technology and require extreme temperature and pressure protection. Driveline components in today’s automotive and heavy duty vehicles have become increasingly stressed by increased engine output, higher operating temperatures, and extended service intervals.
    KLONDIKE’s advanced gear oil technology protects against severe wear while balancing fluid durability in heavy load conditions, including extended drain intervals when applicable.

  • Transmission Fluids

    KLONDIKE transmission fluids are formulated for use in a full range of automatic transmissions and provide premium shifting characteristics. Our full range of automatic transmission fluids offer smooth yet responsive shifting, long service life, and fuel efficiency.
    KLONDIKE transmission oils are engineered to provide improved performance, extended transmission life, as well as premium flow characteristics at very low temperatures and protection against oxidation, varnish and sludge at high temperatures.

  • Hydraulic Fluids

    KLONDIKE anti-wear hydraulic fluids are designed to operate in the most extreme conditions. Today, operating conditions require greater precision and pressure than ever before. While advanced systems do more work and are more responsive, they are also more vulnerable to wear and deposit formation when operated at higher temperatures and pressures.
    Highly tested KLONDIKE hydraulic lubricants are specially formulated with the finest base oils and an additive system that delivers unrivaled performance and protection.

  • Industrial & Functional Oils

    The KLONDIKE family of industrial and functional fluids is formulated for exceptional performance and reliability using world-class technologies that have been trusted and proven by industry professionals for many years and is relied on by industry users all year round.
    Our bar and chain oil is of the highest quality and operates in extreme climatic – high or low temperature – conditions. It offers unsurpassed durability and performance for equipment in high heat conditions, and performs flawlessly in the logging and the saw mill industries that require the most robust and durable lubricant formulations in order to maximize efficiency and productivity.

  • Greases

    KLONDIKE produces a range of unique robust and tacky greases that provide premium lubrication in difficult operating conditions and are tailored to industry requirements for improved productivity. They are specially engineered for environments with extreme temperature requirement, moisture and dirt contamination, heavy loads, extended maintenance intervals and other conditions that impact performance.
    Our greases are created with the finest base oils and additives in order to provide outstanding tackiness, lubrication and protection. These formulations will guard against oxidation and wear in extreme pressure and high temperature applications.

  • Biodegradable Lubricants

    The KLONDIKE family of biodegradable lubricants are designed as an environmentally safer alternative to traditional industrial lubricants. With the rise in natural resource based industries being encouraged to monitor the impact and sustainability of the work completed in environmentally sensitive areas, the need for more environmentally safe and efficient products has increased. Our line of biodegradable lubricants are formulated using non-toxic chemistry with no heavy metals to contaminate water or soil, which will greatly reduce the immediate and long-term impact of the fluids on the environment in the event of an oil leak or spill. The KLONDIKE line of biodegradable lubricants are highly stable for smooth operational efficiency, and highly resistant to oxidation and deposit formation for long service life, while providing a high level of environmental conservation and protection.


  • FOOD-GRADE Lubricants

    KLONDIKE FOOD-GRADE AW Hydraulic Fluid and EP-2 Grease are designed specifically for use in food processing equipment. These high-quality food grade fluids and greases provide maximum food safety and provide excellent protection against wear, ensuring long service life in the most demanding operating conditions. KLONDIKE FOOD-GRADE products are registered with NSF for use in the food industry and carry the H1 credentials for incidental food contact. The NSF mark confirms that these products meet all standard requirements and demonstrates KLONDIKE’s commitment to quality, compliance and safety.

  • Chemicals

    The KLONDIKE product category of chemicals is
    designed to maximize productivity while also offering
    superior user benefits.
    KLONDIKE Rust Blast is a professional strength, fast acting,
    penetrating lubricant. Powerful penetrating action blasts
    through rust and corrosion to loosen and lubricate stuck
    KLONDIKE Grease Blast is a truly versatile and certified
    biodegradable all-in-one degreaser. Simply alter the
    dilutions and it becomes a muscled water based engine
    degreaser, white wall tire cleaner, vinyl top cleaner, leather,
    plastic and vinyl cleaner, and a concrete floor degreaser.
    KLONDIKE Brake Blast is an advanced formulation of
    highly technical solvents that once applied will quickly
    dissolve and remove grease, oil, brake fluid, road grime,
    and dirt. This non-chlorinated, low odor formula dries
    fast, leaves no residue, and is safe for use on most
    materials including plastics

KLONDIKE Lubricants Corporation is an independent Canadian company with oils and lubricants distribution facilities in:
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