0W-30 CK-4 Full Synthetic

0W-30 CK-4 Full Synthetic

Size Part Number Units/Case
4.73 L KL-HD2060 3/Case
18.9 L KL-HD2080
208 L KL-HD2090
1040 L KL-HD2095
Technical Information

KLONDIKE SAE 0W-30 CK-4 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil is a premium full synthetic formulation engineered to deliver outstanding wear protection and performance in modern heavy duty diesel engines. Formulated with premium, ultra-pure, full synthetic base oils and carefully balanced additive technology, these advanced engine oils deliver outstanding extended performance in on and off-highway heavy duty engines operating under high-load, high-stress conditions in all climates.

KLONDIKE SAE 0W-30 CK-4 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil contains field proven additive technology which delivers maximum control on engine wear, outstanding engine cleanliness, and high TBN and viscosity retention for outstanding lubricant life and maximum engine durability. Metal anti-wear protection exceeds API CK-4 standards and tough OEM specifications.

KLONDIKE SAE 0W-30 CK-4 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil formulated with advanced Arctic Performance Technology* ensures maximum possible reliability and performance in extreme low temperature applications. Ultra-low pour points and outstanding fluidity reduce stress at equipment startup and minimize wear in extreme low temperature conditions.

KLONDIKE SAE 0W-30 CK-4 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oils with Arctic Performance Technology* meets the stringent requirements of API Service Category CK-4 for heavy duty diesel engines running on Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and equipped with advanced after treatment devices. Exceeds all soot control and particulate requirements of current emission control systems such as Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), or Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).

*Chemistry proven in extreme arctic climate. Always follow engine manufacturers’ oil drain recommendations.

KLONDIKE Lubricants Corporation is an independent Canadian company with oils and lubricants distribution facilities in:
Greater Vancouver, BC ● Edmonton, AB ● Winnipeg, MB ● Greater Toronto, ON ● Montreal, QC ● Moncton, NB