10W CF

10W CF

Size Part Number Units/Case
18.9 L KL-HD6080
208 L KL-HD6090
1040 L KL-HD6095
Technical Information

KLONDIKE SAE 10W CF Diesel Engine Oil is designed to meet the needs of engines operating in severe service, in on or off-highway applications, where single grade heavy duty oils are specified.
KLONDIKE SAE 10W CF Diesel Engine Oil is recommended for use in naturally aspirated, turbo-charged, or super-charged four-stroke diesel engines where SAE 10W engine oils meeting API CF specifications are required. Formulated for exceptional performance and reliability in older engines operating on high, medium, and low sulfur diesel fuel.

Typical applications include older stationary and mobile equipment operating in mining, construction, farm, forestry, marine, and generator applications.

KLONDIKE SAE 10W CF Diesel Engine Oil is also an excellent replacement fluid for various manual, semi-automatic, and power-shift transmissions, as well as hydraulic systems where a fluid of this type and viscosity is recommended.

KLONDIKE Lubricants Corporation is an independent Canadian company with oils and lubricants distribution facilities in:
Greater Vancouver, BC ● Edmonton, AB ● Winnipeg, MB ● Greater Toronto, ON ● Moncton, NB