5W-30 Euro Low SAPS Full Synthetic
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5W-30 Euro Low SAPS Full Synthetic

Size Part Number Units/Case
1 L KL-LD4640 12/Case
5 L KL-LD4660 4/Case
52 L EZE-KEG KL-LD4684
208 L KL-LD4690
1000 L KL-LD4695
Technical Information

KLONDIKE SAE 5W-30 Euro Low SAPS Full Synthetic Engine Oil is a very high-performance engine oil designed for use in European gasoline and diesel fueled engines.

KLONDIKE SAE 5W-30 Euro Low SAPS Full Synthetic Engine Oil is formulated using a careful selection of high performance, specialty synthetic base oils, and additive chemistry. Robust technology meets the demanding specifications of European OEM’s including the resistance of oxidation oil thickening and sludge formation inside the engine. Premium base oils ensure maximum engine efficiency and therefore contribute to overall fuel economy as designed by the engine manufacturers.

This European formulated fluid is a high tech, specialized, Low SAPS product meeting the requirements of Euro standards and current specifications from European engine manufacturers. This includes reliable, long term protection of diesel particulate filters and other exhaust after treatment devices in vehicles specifying Low SAPS oil technology.

KLONDIKE Lubricants Corporation is an independent Canadian company with oils and lubricants distribution facilities in:
Greater Vancouver, BC ● Edmonton, AB ● Winnipeg, MB ● Greater Toronto, ON ● Montreal, QC ● Moncton, NB