Moly Tac EP-2 3%

Moly Tac EP-2

Size Part Number Units/Case
397 G KL-GR2830 10/Case
15.9 KG KL-GR2880
54.5 KG KL-GR2885
181.1 KG KL-GR2890
Technical Information

KLONDIKE Moly Tac EP-2 Grease is an advanced lithium complex grease formulated with 3% molybdenum disulfide to provide excellent lubricating qualities over a wide range of temperatures.

KLONDIKE Moly Tac EP-2 EP Grease is designed to stay in place under the worst operating conditions of water-dirt-mud, providing you with maximum protection and peace of mind. The addition of Moly ensures additional protection against sliding friction and wear. Specifically designed for extreme duty use in a wide variety of on-road, off-road vehicle and heavy equipment applications and is an ideal grease for heavy duty industrial applications where moly grease is required to reduce wear caused by sliding metal parts, rubbing surfaces, or severe vibration.

KLONDIKE Lubricants Corporation is an independent Canadian company with oils and lubricants distribution facilities in:
Greater Vancouver, BC ● Edmonton, AB ● Winnipeg, MB ● Greater Toronto, ON ● Moncton, NB