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12 February in

KLONDIKE Spring Oil Sale

Take advantage of the savings at your  local KLONDIKE dealer. Contact participating KLONDIKE dealers to get a quote on the products they are including in the KLONDIKE Spring Oil Sale. Contact us or call Client Care at 1-877-293-4691 to find … Read More

26 January in

No Downtime for Farmers during Winter

For the agriculture sector, winter is a time to reassess, prepare and fix what was broken during the summer. Land may be covered in snow, but a farmer’s job never ends. Livestock Farming Livestock farmers and ranchers need to take … Read More

16 December in

How Oil Works in Your Car’s Engine

Engine oil not only provides the lubrication that allows your car’s engine to move freely, but it also helps with heat dissipation and cleaning. Oil aids your engine’s cooling system by helping to transfer heat away from lubricated engine components … Read More

29 November in

The Fluids that Keep your Car Running

Your vehicle needs various fluids to stay healthy. If these fluids aren’t regularly inspected and changed, your vehicle will work harder. An engine that works too hard is not efficient and will have more problems resulting in a shorter life … Read More

27 June in

Improved Performance With dexos® 1 Gen 3

The dexos® trademark introduced by General Motors (GM), represents high-quality, robust oil formulated to some of the most rigorous specifications in the industry. dexos® 1 Gen 3 is GMs update to dexos® 1 Gen 2, which was launched in 2017. … Read More

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Greater Vancouver, BC ● Edmonton, AB ● Winnipeg, MB ● Greater Toronto, ON ● Moncton, NB