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23 March in

FOOD-GRADE Lubricants for Maximum Food Safety

KLONDIKE FOOD-GRADE Lubricants are designed specifically for use in food processing equipment. These high-quality food grade fluids and greases provide maximum food safety and provide excellent protection against wear, ensuring long service life in the most demanding operating conditions. Food … Read More

18 December in

New Products are Here to Start 2021

At KLONDIKE we never stop coming up with ways to support our distributors. They inspire us to keep growing, innovating, and improving. Together we are building success and braving the force of movement. We are seeing in the new year … Read More

KLONDIKE Lubricants Corporation is an independent Canadian company with oils and lubricants distribution facilities in:
Greater Vancouver, BC ● Edmonton, AB ● Winnipeg, MB ● Greater Toronto, ON ● Moncton, NB